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My name is Ann-Christin, the founder of The Social Business. This blog shall be a resource for any current or future Social Entrepreneur and Impact Investor and everyone else that is interested to learn something new! I will be sharing my experience as an impact investor in Central America and from working with many social enterprises. I will answer the question what a social business or an impact investor is, articles that explain specific topics such as financing instruments and others that will be highlighting inspirational entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Why am I doing this? The social business and impact investing industry is still quite young and therefore, important resources and networks are missing or in development phase. Further, I’ve noticed that many (social) entrepreneurs lack knowledge, oftentimes around more “traditional” topics such as financial analysis and structuring. Ultimately, the motivation goes back to why I am an Impact Investor (vs. any other traditional investor): I strongly believe that businesses can solve many of the social and environmental problems that we face today – this is why we call them “Social Businesses“. Investing into these businesses means scaling them and therefore, at the same time, scaling their ability to solve the problem. This blog is an initiative to help reduce this knowledge gap and foster the impact economy. 

Questions or comments? Send me a note, comment, share and let’s create impact together!

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#2 Making it through the crisis – Covid-19

Working with numerous portfolio and pipeline companies in the past few weeks has given me valuable insights into how companies and investors first reacted to the current crisis and then adjusted their medium-term strategies accordingly. In this blog post I will summarise my key learnings.

#1 Social Business

In 2019, I started The Social Business with a simple Instagram account. The idea was to start posting interesting information about social entrepreneurship and impact investing to reach a broad audience and raise a level of interest for these topics as well as growing a network. With the start of 2020 (and the new decade),Continue reading “#1 Social Business”

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My name is Ann-Christin, I’m originally from Germany, but currently living and working in Antigua Guatemala. My background is in Economics and Finance. I studied at the University of Münster (Germany), Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (France) and State University of New York (United States) and finished my studies with a Master degree in Economics. Through internship and analyst programs, I was able to collect significant and extremely valuable work experience with two of the largest German banks: DZ Bank and Deutsche Bank. In this time, I learned about Asset Backed Securities, Leveraged Finance and M&A.

A little more than 3 years ago, I decided to take some time off and travel to Central America. A decision that I have never regretted because it led me to my “new life”: I fell in love with Antigua Guatemala (and my fiancé Juan), met Richard Ambrose (founder of Pomona Impact) and started the most challenging and inspiring job I’ve ever had: Investment Associate at Pomona. At the time, Pomona was a team of 4 people that has just started investing into growth businesses from Central America and Mexico. I took over most of the investment activities including deal sourcing, due diligence, financial structuring while the team and processes formalised. Today, I am proud to say that we fully invested our first pilot fund and that we’re on track to launch Pomona Impact Fund II. I am also very content with the results of my work and the learnings I’ve made during this time.

Saludos from Antigua, Ann

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